whats the best way?

  1. whats the best way?

    ill be on a ultradrol cycle and im really prone to gyno so is it best to take an AI like erase while on cyle or to take erase with Torem in pct? i just dont want rebound im so scarrrred...but really though

  2. no one?

  3. erase is good stuff just keep it on hand for any gyno issues that might come up.. nolvadex is good to have on hand too. use as needed. you don't wake up with gyno overnight

  4. alright so lets say some gyno starts to flare up while on cycle is it ok to start erase and continue with the cycle and then take torem in pct?

  5. It's not going to start while on cycle but sure...

  6. Chea Chea Chea gyno baby


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