Last cycle: 4week Max LMG bridge to 6 week Ultra/Trenazone with SD Kickstart

  1. Last cycle: 4week Max LMG bridge to 6 week Ultra/Trenazone with SD Kickstart

    Hello everyone, let me get the stats before we start:
    31 205lbs 12%, lifting 12 years
    Past cycles: 2 Hella runs
    Don't drink and i drink water till i am clear

    Current problem: I have a couple of month's around 4 until I have to give up any future cycles, why ?
    1. Moving in with girlfriend and she won't tolerate it
    2. Taking a new job that test's for everything and yes and at the new job they test for everything.

    PCT Clomid, Aromasin, test boosters, Ostraine, IGF-LR3, and misc
    On cycle: Aromasin, fomeron, DHEA, cycle assist, UDCA, LIV52ds, and misc

    So here is my thoughts:
    Wk 1- SD 10mg, 75mg Max LMG
    Wk 2- SD 10mg, 100mg Max
    Wk 3- 100mg Max
    Wk 4- 125mg Max
    Wk 5- 125mg Max
    Wk 6- 125mg Max
    Wk 7- Ultra 12 Tren 2ml
    Wk 8- Ultra 12 Tren 2ml
    Wk 9- Ultra 16 Tren 2ml
    Wk 10- Ultra 16 Tren 2ml
    Wk 11- Ultra 16 Tren 2ml
    Wk 11-Ultra 20 Tren 2ml

    Problems: I don't think my liver should have too much stress because of the gap of 4 weeks of non-meth and a low dose SD kick start, plus i got so many liver protections in place.
    -Defiantly going to be a harder shutdown
    -MAD lethargy
    -I went up 175 Helladrol for 2 weeks of a 6 week cycle and i never got high BP, so I am not too worried.

    I know it sounds long but i am trying to make the most out of my last cycle.
    Any thoughts besides the usual it's too long ?

    Thanks guys

  2. Did u start yet? I'd give u my opinion if I had a one worth hearing. Maybe this bump will get others to reply as I'm curious myself. U say ur work drug tests? Chances are not for roids and if so then ph's will make u test positive.

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