Diesel bridge into beast or what else.....have choices

  1. Diesel bridge into beast or what else.....have choices

    Have done in the past with GOOD results: Dieselbolan2.0, Helladrol (I didn't eat enough on Diesel i think)
    Have done in the past with GREAT results: Beastdrol (used to bulk once and cut once), ********* Extreme Mass
    Did liquid clen once and it was ok
    Tried the MK2866 and didn't notice a thing

    I have a stash of PH's, and I would like to try a bridge, here is what I have.

    2 bottles Epistrong
    2 bottles Hella
    7 Bottles Beast
    2 Bottles Diesel 2.0
    1 bottle Katanadrol 2.0 (bought right at the ban)
    2 bottles of TransformSupps (*********) Extreme Mass

    Here is what I have for support: (also in multiple bottles)

    2 bottles of Gear
    Liv52 (himalayn version)
    milk thistle
    1 jug Creatine Ethyl Ester (gross, but I drink it anyways)
    1 jug Creatine Mono
    1 bottle Ancient Strength creatine
    1 bottle agmatine
    Some preworkout stuff, but I am getting away from that kind of "artificial temporary upper"
    Alot of misc. bottles of stuff like potassium, glucosamine, glutamine, multivitamins, etc. (just stuff from the store)
    yohimbine @12.5mg/ml
    and some liquid clen, I don't have the specs right now.

    Here is my test support:

    3 bottles FormaStanzol
    1 bottle RSTransaderm
    1 jug of DAA
    2 vials Chlomid
    90 tabs 2.5 mg Letrazol
    1 bottle Revolution PCT
    1 bottle Forged Bromo
    1 kit "unleashed PCT"
    1 bottle of HCGenerate (man that stuff is hard to find)
    ALot of single test boosters, T-Force, stinging nettle root, Tribbulus, etc. etc.

    33 years old, working since 20's, 6'1 at 205lbs., 12% BF (caliper test)

    I have a farm, so my food is pretty much all mine- beef, pigs, squash, greens, brussel sprouts, peas, green beans, corn, peppers, okra, kale, sweet potatoes, etc. etc.
    I have my diet squared away for normal maintenance "finallly". I eat hardly any white flour. Very little white sugar (less than 20g daily).
    50% protien
    30% carbs
    20% fat

    "Usually" a normal day is like this (for maintenance, not on a cycle), although when it's really hot and I have alot of work to do, I don't eat as much. But I don't really lose when I cut back my food intake.

    6 am
    3 eggs,
    1/2 onion,
    4 slices bacon
    14 oz. milk

    1 or 2 hardboild eggs
    1 chicken breast or 8 oz. sausage patty or 2 small cans of tuna
    1/2 PB and Gnutella sandwich

    high noon
    2 6 oz. burger patties
    1 piece 9 grain bread
    1/2 sweet potatoe
    broccoli or some other green (quite a bit, although I don't measure it really)

    8oz. fish fillets
    protien shake, I buy the protien then mix oats from my food processor into it (70g protein, 70g carbs, 18oz. milk)
    sometimes a banana and PB

    7 or 8 pm
    another 8-12 oz. of meat, usually different every night
    more greens
    Chobani unflavored greek yogurt mixed with some PB
    sometimes another protien shake like above if I am still hungry.

    Also at least 1 gallon of water a day, then some coffee in the morning or sometimes a sugar free Monster. Then all the milk, and sometimes an unsweetend ice tea.

    I would like to of course get bigger, and lean out some more. I MAINLY WANT TO PUT SOME SIZE ON, BUT DEF. NOT GET FATTER. Losing some fat would be a bonus. My workouts are a mix of FST-7 and then some heavy lifting, I really have my workouts dialed in.

    I would like to move over to the darkside this winter when it's not so hot and I can eat more, as I believe diet is #1 in getting bigger, not supplements or protien shakes.

    So how about some feedback from the more experienced than myself?

    I have also posted on Need2buildmuscle, so if you responded to either, thanks!!

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