ultradrol discontinued?

  1. ultradrol discontinued?

    i didn't see ultradrol covered under the new stupid ban..maybe i missed something. ordered 3 bottles just in case. has this bill passed yet? this is crap. i'm a 37 year old healthy guy and for the gov't to tell me i can't take supps that are negligible for my overall health in the long term is bullsh1t. this sucks. time to start pinning i guess

  2. No, not on the ban list. Antaeus has decided to discontinue production of their methylstenbolone product. Really sucks cause I loved that ish! Gonna have to stock up with some of the sales I've seen around the interwebz.

  3. Ultradrol has superdrol contaminants so to avoid legal trouble in the future they are discontinuing Ultradrol. That what i assume anyway and i think DMZ mite be in trouble as well.

  4. There was a bad batch of methylsten that Antaeus got that had traces of SD in it. They dropped all bottles and that's why there was a period of a month or to where it was out of stock everywhere. They are stopping production my guess is because they are the only major retailer of m-sten and it would draw way too much attention with SD no longer being on the market.

  5. It'll still be in IML's Super DMZ. That's the only one I know of really now.

  6. I heard talks of another smaller company coming out with an Ultradrol clone. Dunno when it will be available. Its just talk as of now though.

  7. i love ud. this is really a bummer. i ordered 3 bottles last night. i wish i could have afforded more. now is time to stock up. just got my sd today and have epi and ud on the way.


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