Hey Im New Here

  1. Hey Im New Here

    Hey I've just joined these forums and was looking for some advice. I've tried Googling about anabolics to find out the effects which they can have on my body and I am concerned.

    I am 22 years old, 5'11, 176 lbs and have came down from 230 lb lately as the result of a huge cut. I am looking to gain some solid muscle mass but am really unsure of what would be the safest anabolic for me to take.

    I have never taken any type of steroid on my life but would like to start now. I am very concerned about my health as I am training for physical ability, health and aesthetics.

    Is there any steroid which you recommend me to take that has no adverse side effects? and what pct do I need to take?

    Thanks all.

  2. At you age I would continue to train naturally for a few more years before jumping on a cycle of anything. The reason for using a PH/Steroid is going beyond what you can achieve naturally. It's best to find out what you can do on your own before using. Just make sure you have a good routine and diet in check and read the Prohormone FAQ thread that is on this site.

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