reading conflicting info on HCG timing, thoughts?

  1. reading conflicting info on HCG timing, thoughts?

    running a 12 week cycle of test e
    500mg e/w for 7 weeks
    700mg e/w for 5 weeks (pinning monday/thursday with 1/2 dosage each week)
    .25mg adex EoD
    -have 5000iu of HCG
    pct is going to be clomid 50/50/50/50, erase: 0/0/3/3/2/1 and daa: 3g ed

    been reading to run it 500iu/week (250 2x a week on days before test injections) works well as preventing tesicular atrophy and was thinking of running it weeks (4-14) to maximize use before pct

    then im reading that many ppl often run HCG in the 2 weeks prior to pct and throughout the PCT even though its supposed to be supressive. They claim that it also helps increase their sex drive a ton and having a good sex drive is important for me, especially since clomid really kills it

    any thoughts on which would be better for best recovery, retaining the most gains, and increasing sex drive the most?

    thanks in advance guys

  2. another option i was thinking:
    blasting 500 iu ed starting 10 days before pct
    will prolly bump adex to .5 eod to prevent estrogen sides, if thats too much maybe just stick with .25 eod

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