ok what r these?

  1. ok what r these?

    4OH-nandrolone undecanoate

    4OH-testosterone base
    the first half is what i dont get..whats a 4OH?

  2. 4 OH usually means that there is an alcohol group at the 4th carbon in the chain. But I doubt it would be that easy... CHEMO

  3. the nandrolone base is known as steranabol, check big cat's steroid profiles

    the test base 4OH is similar to the aromatase blocker 4hydroxyandrostenedione sold as formasin by prototype and aromazap by syntrax. only difference is alcohol on C17 instead of ketone.

    as for the 4OH its not hard, just dangerous, damn osmium tetroxide. its kind of nasty. although i think i came across a reaction that was different, maybe it is possible to do at home.

    cheers, pete

  4. thanx pete

  5. I was wondering this myself..looks like Instyncts list got around..lol

  6. hey wojo, no worries, just thought i saw it before, sure enough...

    wardog, wtf, please explain.

    cheers, pete

  7. lol wardog..i ask for it like a week ago he just sent it..lol..hes claiming it"like a primo" and not a anti-e nor is it form and the nor undeconate is a tren wannabe

  8. A tren wannabe? It is a prohormone for God's sake..why does everybody TRY to compare things to tren? LOL! I think I will keep an eye out for peoples results..this should be interesting.

  9. yeah , OH is the hydroxy group , 4 is the position where it is situated in the carbon chain , i think there's a lot more info on animal's board on this .

  10. Always a better mousetrap..lol. As I said, I will wait to see results. I have seen the info on A's board. Time will tell.


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