Epi 2A3A with OTC PCT

  1. Epi 2A3A with OTC PCT

    Good afternoon, I am going to do my first cycle ever soon and it will be EPI 2A3A for a cycle of 20/30/30/40. Along with this I will be using: Mass Gainer adding about 750 calories extra a day 2. Cycle assist 3. Fish oil and a mutli vitamin.
    Post cycle I am planning on using: 1. Post cycle assist 3X (800 MG of Resveratol, with some other ingrediant to raise test lower estrogen and cleanse the liver) this product can be googled for further information. I will use a cortisol blocker and an AI/ test booster(s) like Erase and DAA.
    This set up will look lke this: On cycle: 4 P.M. EPI - Cycle support, 10 P.M. EPI - Cycle support. Mass Gainer upon rising with Breakfast and VItamin a little later. When the dose increases to 30 I will add a dose at 7:30 P.M. and at 40 the last dose will be at 2 A.M. By the way I work nights. Post cycle:
    Week 1 PCT assaist 3X twice daily as written on the bottle
    week 2 the same
    week 3 PCT assist 3X (same as above) with introduction of cortisol blocker
    Week 4 PCT Assist 3X, Cortisol blocker with test boost AI
    Week 5 Cortisol blocker, test boost AI
    weeks 6 & 7 Test booster AI

    Do you think this will be acceptable?

  2. Need moar Epi. 20/30/30/40 probably won't do a whole lot for you.

    Epi is usually ran in 6 week cycles with the minimum doses being 30mg generally.

  3. I took 6 weeks of Epi and it really shut me down. I was very glad I had a SERM. You might be able to go natty PCT with the cycle you described, but I wouldn't recommend it. My results didn't kick in until the third week, and was running a higher dose. I'm afraid that you won't get much out of your cycle.

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