bloated feeling in my gut

  1. bloated feeling in my gut

    What is a good fix for bloat, mid cycle? Not sure if its normal it not. Can't find any info. May be that I'm just eating more but man, starting to feel like I'm pregnant with twins....

  2. An AI.....
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  3. AI and lower sodium intake.

  4. ^ Less carbs, drink more water.

  5. take some fiber too....that might be part of the problem in addition to water

  6. first, what compounds are you running and for how long?

    if methylated, it's prob d/t liver stress, and lack of a healthy diet. bad ass heartburn and indigestion is soon to follow if you let it go on.

    taking a laxative and cleaning out your system can help, then following the other recomendations these guys have said.

    keep the carbs in check, esp if drinking a lot of water.

  7. If it is intestinal bloat then eat more fiber and consider a probiotic.

  8. Forma Stanzol on the way.
    I crap like a goose so I don't think fiber is.the problem. Just feel like I need to drop a godzilla deuce all the time

  9. probiotics

  10. I'm taking DMZ from Anabolic Tech. , CEL cycle support, DAA, multi vitamins. (Second week)
    Diet is in check but carbs may be a little high. Was thinking it would help with some energy. Ive been a little slow.

  11. It's cheap and easy and always good for your immune and digestive system.

    Anyway...good luck.

  12. what dosage are you using the dmz, and how long have you been using it.

  13. Probiotic, psyllium husk and triphala for intestinal bloat

    If its excess water retention.. an ai.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  14. read up on liver damage and digestion

  15. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn
    It's cheap and easy and always good for your immune and digestive system.

    Anyway...good luck.
    Been meaning to try some gut health.
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  16. Gh is a awesome product.


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