I have like half a bottle left of MMV3. I took some about mid May this year and decided to drop it around June. Around July I bought me some Recycle by purus labs but it didnt work out for me so well.

Thing is I'm trying to get ripped and lose fat around the hard to lose places.

So I did some research and wanted to try something different other than Epi. Epi gave me a bit of a joint problem and so Stano seems promising as it gives a less harsh affect on joints vs epi.

I noticed however that people who used epi suffered the draw backs of it such as lethargy and down ward affects of losing libido. Some folks stated that they took some dhea and their libido went back up again.

Stanodrol however gives you aggresion,energy,0 lethargy,and good libido affect from what I read on the net. So what would I benefit from combining MMV3 with Stano since MMV3 is DHEA?