Can I safely bridge from Epi to SD?

  1. Can I safely bridge from Epi to SD?

    Can I safely bridge from Epi (IBE Epistane) to SD(beastdrol)?
    I'm currently ending 4th week of epi (20/30/40/50) but epi has zero effect on me. After 4weeks no weight change, no strength or size. Bit more vascular and a little fat loss but a little. Of course I train, eat, sleep and repeat. I give up on epi. I was ready for 6weeks of epi but it is probably nonsense since it is not working even a little with 50mg. Can I bridge to Beastdrol for next 3weeks (20/20/30)? Would be there any benefit of it??

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    You can do what you want. There would be a benefit - but it would not be smart to go to a harsh 17a methyl like SD after 4 weeks on another toxic AAS such as epi. You would be killing your liver and lipids.

    If you are ever going to run SD - it should be when your lipids and liver are fully healthy and you are running good support supps. IMO

    So it would start PCT and take a blood test in a couple to see where you are at.

  3. I found some logs where people bridge from SD to Epi for as long as 8wks. Epi is not that harsh. So why not to try Epi to SD :-) I know it is my health and precaution is necessary but where is the line between "good to go" and "over-exaggeration"?

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