sustanon / test 400

  1. sustanon / test 400

    Well I'm 23 and I have done two stupid cycles before with no PCT but luckily for me I only did 5weeks of test cyp then 5 weeks of sustanon oath at 500mg. So I bought myself Arimidex nolvadex and clomid obviously for pct and Arimidex just in case I need. But all I am taking is test with a dmz to kick start. I had some sustanon left over so I started doing 3 shots per week because I keep reading that eod is the best way to go with sustanon. When I grabbed more test all I could get that was similar to the sustanon was test400 but it's got the same esters almost, my sustanon 270 has 20mg test acetate, 30mg prop, 60mg phenyl prop, 60mg isocaproate, 100mg decAnoate and my test 400 has 50mg prop, 80mg phenyl prop, 80mg Isocaproate, 80mg test e, 110mg decanoate. Basically I did 3 shots the first week and I'm in the second week and I'm about to do my 3rd then I should be moving over to test400 cuz I'm out of sust. Do you think since this is my first real cycle I should stay at 500mg? I don't mind the shots that's not the problem I just want to get the most out of it and I heard that if you do more frequent shots then you take advantage of the prop and phenyl prop and you can keep body fat down too, I realize I should be using test e or a single ester but that's not how it worked out this time, just looking for your outlooks really. Im thinking either 2 shots a week like mon/thursday or e3d which will only add like 2 shots per month, or I can do mon/we'd/fri, let me know your opinions. As of right now I have been doing 243mg of sustanon 3 times per week for 2 weeks. So even if I decide to do 500mg per week I'll just consider the first two weeks front loading with around 750mg. But I am also switching to the test400 for the next shot. Any opinions would be appreciated guys

  2. Sooo...whats your question again?

  3. Trying to figure out if I should do e4d, e3d, Monday wednesday Friday, or eod injections. Lol I can't decide

  4. You know what? It really doesnt matter brother. Eod would be my choice

  5. Im on T400...kinda same as yours, I am on week 8 and have been doing it MWF and deffinitly good results...Gained 15lbs alone from the prop n phenyl prop!! im now up 24lbs and the long esters just started kicking in 2 weeks ago So I dunno man its up to you but MWF works good for me

  6. How much are you pinning on each day?

  7. Well Ive been doing 1/2cc every MWF so 600 a week but around week 7 i kinda wished i had deca in there too so i figured id just get NPP which is just fact acting deca (kinda like test prop of deca) so now im just doing 1/2cc of t400 mixed with 1cc of NPP in the same shot MWF

  8. Yeah that sounds good. I think I'm just gonna rock eod .5cc it will be like 800 one week and 600 the next but I'll have a steady flow

  9. do it up man... good luck! hopefully ur t400 is as good as mine haha.. and hey if you arent satisfied by like week 7 you should throw some NPP in there, i love it


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