Need advice regarding Bloodwork on pulse cycle

  1. Need advice regarding Bloodwork on pulse cycle

    Current run: SD + epi pulse
    MWF: 10mg SD(m-drol) + 10mg Epi(e-stane) before workout, then 10mg SD immediately after workout

    Been on this protocol for 4 weeks. Lifts way up and up 12 lbs. Only side has been very low libido.
    Had labs done(female hormone panel through mdlabsmd). Horribly shut down:
    Total test: 37
    Estradial: 26.8
    LH: .9
    FSH: 1.3
    AST: 45 (slight elevation)
    ALT: normal range

    My plan was to jump on hrt as I have always been on low side of normal. Concerned now that end or primary doctor will freak at results. Should I start pct with clomid or continue pulse and just see doctor .

  2. Start your pct

  3. My concern is that if I start pct, my test levels will go to low normal and then no hrt. I guess I just need some timing advice so my test levels will be low but not so low that questions about anabolics come up.

  4. So you want to get on HRT?

  5. I have wanted to get on hrt for last few years. I was tested about 2 years ago and was in the 400s. Doctor wouldn't put me on hrt because my age and still borderline. Instead, I'm on adderall for add and antidepressant. I believe I am being treated for symptoms but not the underlying cause-low T. I just want to pin and be on the high end of scale and see if my other problems subside.

  6. I have the same're never sure when to get tested and what to be on or not be on....who knows wtf they are looking for in order to approve trt and what is a red flag and what is not etc...

  7. Yeah, I figured high liver or cholesterol readings would be obvious red flags. I just need to find an aggressive doctor willing to prescribe me a reasonable dose such as 200mg cyp/week and let me self inject. I'm afraid I'll end up with the biweekly 200mg injection at the dr.' s office. Anyone know of male-friendly (no homo ) doctor in St. Louis area? What about any on-line clinics that don't cost like $400 per month?

  8. If you go in like 1 week after you finish your cycle you may have a good chance of getting qualified for HRT because your levels will be up but not completely stabilized. But idk I'm just a guy with a PHD in bro science

  9. So Lacross, should I stop pulse cycle now, get on clomid for a week, then see Doc? Would it be better to see primary doc first, or go straight to endo? Figure it will take at least 2 or 3 weeks to get in to a specialist such as endo.

  10. Yeah RH, shut down hard. I thought test would be somewhat suppressed, but 37 wtf? If I want to get hrt, what about the following plan?
    Stop cycle now, do 1 week of Clomid at 50mg/day followed by week of no clomid but lots of liver and cholesterol support, then schedule appt with doc after being off clomid for 1-2 weeks. (long half-life, 5 days). Retest and hope that numbers are still low, but not absurdly low? Does this sound feasible? I just don't know what clomid will do to my fsh and lh levels at this dose.

  11. It's hard to say where I as I would never recommend anyone to cut a PCT short like this. But it may be your best option in your case if you want to get HRT from a reg doc soon, but I would recommend getting a Endocrinologist instead... They tend to be more progressive towards today TRT/HRT protocol. They would be my best guess

  12. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012
    personally i'd do the complete pct and get normalized and go from there. there is no way to know how the clomid will affect you without trying it.
    This is also a valid point^


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