How to take Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support? Orange flavour

  1. How to take Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support? Orange flavour

    I bought a tub of this

    eBay item number: 110919043052

    Do I take it 1 week before (preload) then throughout the 5 weeks with p-mag? If so thats 6 weeks so i'll need another tub of it? I was trying to keep costs down, but just wanted to confirm I'll need 2 before I buy another. Or is there anything better/cheaper?


  2. its best to preload it for a week to 2 weeks, and also to continue using through at least the start of PCT. Trying to keep costs down is a nice concept, but what is your health worth? You don't want to skip on cycle support any more than you want to skimp on what you spend on food - wild salmon vs hot dogs....

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