I started my pct after the end of a long cycle.

Test e week 1-2 300mg/week

test e week 3-16 200mg/week

deca week 1-2 200mg/week

deca week 3-6 300mg/week

deca week 7-8 400mg/week

Test p 100mg m w f for 1-3 weeks

I started my pct thursday and been sick ever since.Thursday i was feeling like having a headache,saturday i was feeling dizzy all day,monday was ok did workout and today i wasnt feeling too well threw up a lot.

I was taking nolva/torem

first 3 days took nolva 40/40/40 stopped it because it does the same thing as torem.I didnt prefer clomid because for my last cycle i was getting depressed and moody on clomid.

torem citrate 120 for 4 days,90 for 1 day and 60 for today.I am also going to add unleashed/post cycle to the combo.Why do i feel sick?.