I am currently on day 23 of my IBE Epistane Cycle. I have ran it 40/40/50 so far and am deciding to either bump it up to 60mg for the next 14days which will end my cycle and look like 40/40/50/60/60 (+2 days) or I can keep it at 50mg and get 2.5 more days out of it 40/40/50/50/50/(50 for 4 days).

I bought 2 bottles (90 pills each at 10mg) and have 83pills left. Anyone think I should do 14 days at 60mg to finish (Will only have 50mg on last day, not a big deal) or stay with 50mg for the last 17 days (will only have 30mg the last day, again not a big deal).

I have a log in the section going if you have any questions regarding other supps. Standard Nolva + Test booster for pct.

No serious sides to report. Strength has gone up 15-25% depending on the exercise. Weight is the same, I have been eating clean and doing cardio. Recomp.