finally decided on my cycle. please critique

  1. finally decided on my cycle. please critique

    my goal here is to run a simple yet effective cycle for lean
    keepable gains.

    week 1 test cyp. 1g
    week 2-10 test cyp 600mg
    week 8-12 Igf-1 lr3 40mcg daily.
    PCT starting in week 12 using nolvadex 40,40,20,20

    any comments, ideas?


  2. sounds fantastic good luck with everything
    let us know how it goes

  3. One thing, I suggest you start your PCT in week 11, not 12. About 7 days after your last cyp shot is a good time to start IMO. Maybe start the IGF in week 9, that way you get 2 weeks at the end of the cycle, and 2 weeks into PCT to help with recovery...just a suggestion.

  4. It looks good the way it is. One alternative if you had the $ you could run the IGF week 4 for three weeks and then again starting week 10 for 3-4 weeks. This gives you one IGF cycle when the test kicks in and one through PCT to help keep gains and improve recovery. Whatever you decide, eat hearty and work hard, enjoy the results.

  5. ill hopefully be starting on monday. and ill do my best to keep

    an accurate journal of my progress.



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