High doese of Letro for Gyno

  1. High doese of Letro for Gyno

    Lingering Gyno in one side.

    Individual is on HRT 200mgs week, (typically taking .5adex/daily) gyno was caused by manipulating levels a while ago and has been unable to get ride of, tried high dose of adex and moderate dose of LEtro 1.25mg/day (for about 2 weeks)

    They have 13 tabs of 2.5MGS letro left and script for adex.

    Would it be advised to try as a last effort 13 days of letro at 2.5mgs day. Then after out of Letro switch to 1mg of Adex for another 2 weeks or so...

    Only other concern would be the Letro being bunk and his estrogen raises because of not using the adex...(while on HRT)

    Please offer suggestions...

  2. Mine went away with just the 1.25, but some need to titrate from 1.25 up to 2.5 to get it down. I would finish with 2.5mg ed. If no difference is noted, the Letro is probably bunk. Mine was gone if 5 days.

  3. was your hard lump?

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