NEED help post tren cycle!! please!

  1. Unhappy NEED help post tren cycle!! please!

    I am 21 years old 6'2 210lbs. About 5 months ago I took tren injections and after about 4 weeks stopped and switched over to clomid for PCT problem is i miss calculated the dosage of clomid and did 35/35/25/20 and thought all was ok. Just recently after have weak erection problems that don't last long and not to strong of a sex drive I realized I dosed it wrong and then immediately started a month more of clomid at 50/50/35/25 but the problem is still occurring. I know dumb at my age to take tren etc but I need help and I can't figure out what's wrong I got my blood work done for test lvls and my lvl was 916 which is good so what else could be the problem and how do I fix it? I can still get erections but not like I used to....and if I exhaust myself in the least it leaves immediately please help!!! Ive read that it could be high estrogen, progesterone, or prolactin (but i dont have secretion from nipples or sensitivity there) levels...but im not sure what it is I would think clomid would have taken care of all of that. So im wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong because i still have a VERY strong sex drive just VERY weak erections to go with it.. Would torem or maybe prami help in this matter at all? or what should I do to recover!!!?? I know at my age it was dumb but if anyone knows anything that would help it would be greatly appreciated since insurance wont cover anymore blood work

  2. You ran tren alone?
    Silly mistake on your part. What kind of tren?
    Try another pct
    Test booster of your choice. Then wait a month and get bloods done!
    Hope you learned your lesson. Research before you take stuff...

  3. it was awhile back i forgot what kind tren ace i want to say but im not sure exactly i mean since my test levels are fine now tho months later should i try using torem and prami? or just do one of those for now

  4. I think its either e2 or prolactin those seem to be common with just tren but how can i fix this?

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