OT 4 WEEKS 40/50/50/40 MG

    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    AD-3 PCT (OTC, plus test booster)
    Plus regular supplementation

    Stats 5"10 175 10-11%BF 23 years
    This is my first ph cycle I have been
    Lifting for a while now just looking
    To gain some lean muscle and get an
    Advantage over the competition.. How
    Does this cycle look dosage wise? Affective
    Pct and turanabol for moderate gains?

  2. 4 weeks of tbol isn't enough, esp at those dosages. get more for at least 50mg for 6 weeks each day.

  3. That's what I was thinking, but I have
    Read on numerous occasions that 4 week
    Cycle is recommended because 5-6 weeks
    The turanabol loses it's edge and it's one drive
    And after 4 weeks it's just suppression with
    No results... Also I've heard of good gains off
    Of 20mg 4 week cycle of 10lbs after pct..
    Any one else have input .. Would be appreciated
    Pct good? Dose? Thanks

  4. what you've heard is incorrect. what you are hearing now is correct.

    want to enjoy it, run it at 70mg e/d for 6-8 weeks.

    after 6-8 weeks on steroids, gains will slow to nothing, and anymore time on will be just delaying the end of the cycle and increasing the risk of side effects.

  5. Alright , Ill take that into consideration.
    Thanks for the information it's appreciated

  6. What about my PCT regiment , how does
    That look.. Effective enough ?

  7. your pct looks fine. cycle length is the problem here.


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