Hi, I'm new here and seek help.

40+ old, I had blood work done and below are the results. I am currently on HRT (Test Cypionate 200mg) 1.5ml every week due to suffering from Hypogonadism. I was on HCG+T Cyp for about a month 1000IU+T Cyp 1ml. HCG twice a week and T Cyp once a week. I felt awesome when I went on HCG and Test. But one week all of sudden the bottom fell out. My libido crashed completely, lost size and some strength. No wood at all, even when on the purple pill. I am currently awaiting to talk to my Dr. and open to suggestion from old Master here to help me interpret and get my libido back to normal.

Blood Results:

Tesosterone, Free and Total Testosterone, Serum: 1500 ng/dL
Free Testosterone(Direct) 53.00 pg/mL

Pregnenolone, MS: 41 ng/dL

Dihyrotestosterone: 186 ng/dL

Dhea-Sulfate: 276.7 ug/dL

TSH: 1.91 uIU/ml

Estradiol: 69.2 pg/mL

Prostrate-Specific Ag, Serum: 1.3 ng/mL

Triiodothyronine, Free Serum 3.4 pg/mL

Sex Horm Binding Glob, Seru, 24.2 nmol/L

Please help me figure out what happened and how I can get back normal Wood!!! Desire is more than there but no wood.