IronMags HALO ex or Deca Drol with Cyanostane.

  1. Question IronMags HALO ex or Deca Drol with Cyanostane.

    Im new to this forum so bear with me.

    I'm nearing my 3 month mark since my last 8 week cycle with Tren 13-ethyl. Everything's good except I've gained some BF back, and lost a little bit of strength, not too much though. So I think this is a good starting point to a cycle I've been putting together for awhile. I have IMG's Halo Extreme and Cyanostane on hand to go for a 6 week cycle. BUT Im thinkin I'm not going to get too much size out of these compounds, I'm not going for crazy big muscles, just a good size improvement. I haven't heard of Halo giving a good amount of size and Cyanostane is all hard muscle and vascularity. I've been looking at Deca Drol by IMG as well. I'm thinking about replacing the Halo with the Deca? What do you guys think?

    Any input will be appreciated.

  2. I prefer the Halo Extreme myself. The sweet spot is 75mg daily. Throw Cyano in there you will do very well brother. The Cyano has D-zine in it so that will make for a nice stack.
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  3. Sweet man. I'm really looking forward to this one. I've only heard good things. Looks like I'm going to keep the Halo and Cyanostane then

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