Confused, frustrated, growing impatient....

  1. Confused, frustrated, growing impatient....

    So a little about me. I worked out a lot in my late teens and early 20's and saw some good gains. I'm 33 y/o now and got into weight lifting again about a year ago and I'm finding it hard to build any meaningful amount of muscle despite my best efforts with technique, nutrition and supplements like creatine, protein, multivitamin, glutamine, you know, the usual ****. The **** that USED to work for me.

    I've been researching pro-hormones and trying to make an informed decision before taking anything. But it's all so very confusing with all the complex chemical names, whats legal, whats not, what needs a PCT or SERM and which ones of those are legal, and then you have the herbal and fake **** masquerading as 'legal steroids' sometimes also containing complex chemical names. I was searching looking through the 'prohormone' section but some of that stuff isn't prohormones at all and some of the people reviewing don't even know what the **** they're taking.

    Someone cut through the bull**** for me and suggest a first time product. I don't care if it barely works, just something that's legeal and won't make my liver explode. In case you want stats and goals, I'm 5'10, 170 lbs, 10-12% bf. I'd like to cut some of that fat while maintaining or building some muscle.

    Sorry if you see a lot of these questions. I looked over the forums and nothing popped out at me. Point me to a sticky for beginners if there is one.

  2. Ok homie I'm going to lay this one down for you!

    Hdrol 50/75/75/75/75/75 or 100 if you feel good

    Take a liver support while on cycle and during pct

    Day after your last dose of Hdrol start your PCT

    Google research chems and find Clomid and set your pct up like this

    DAA 3Gs for 5 weeks
    Erase 1/2/3/2/1

    People will have different suggestions or little tweaks I'm sure but overall this is a simple first cycle!
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  3. P.s never buy any "prohormone" with a picture of a cow on it lol
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  4. In a nutshell...

    #1 Serm. Look at the banners/ sponsors on the page. Nolvadex, clomid, or toremifene
    #2 cycle assist
    #3 halodrol or a clone - hdrol,etc
    #4 pct assist
    #5 at least 1 oz of water per lb of body weight
    #6 orange triad or animal pack
    #7 animal flex and/ or super cissus (damn auto correct)
    # 8 fish oil and more fish oil
    #9 track food with something like my fitness pal

    #10 research more and then research more
    Hope this helps

  5. Thanks for the replies. I had read on a few sites that all prohormones were all illegal and 'never coming back' but clearly there is still plenty of stuff available.
    Should I be going for the liquid nolva or pills? There are lots of suggestions to google research chemicals and as far as I can tell they only sell the liquid, so is there something less legal about buying the pills? Perhaps they have to come through customs while the research chems are US based?

  6. Typically you need a prescription to get the pills while the research chems are sold through the loophole of "not being for human consumption" therefor there's no need for a prescription.

    Hdrol would be a nice mild cycle for a beginner.

    Also, a good place for some simple reliable info is

  7. M'kay so, here's what I'm looking at.

    CEL H-Drol. I'm getting 2 bottles. Gonna start with 50mg. Not sure if I'm gonna bump that up to 75mg or not. Also not sure if I'm gonna go 4 weeks or 6. Some input to help me decide would be appreciated.

    CEL cycle assist. I should start that 2 weeks before the H-Drol?

    And for PCT, nolvadex and anabolic inovations PCT support.

    Besides fish oil, multi,and joint supp is there anything I'm missing?

  8. I would run it for 6 weeks. Also, 75 mg is considered the "sweet spot" for hdrol.

    It is recommended to start the cycle assist 2 weeks before cycle (if tight on money you should be fine preloading one week)

    For pct you will want a natty test booster to help get your levels back up, DAA is the popular choice. You may also want some cortisol control to help cortisol rebound. Recycle is a popular and affordable product that has many uses including this one.

    I am by no means an expert so you are highly advised to do your own research.

  9. Comparing the ingredients, it seems like I wouldn't need the AI post cycle support if I went with Recycle. So that just leaves DAA, which was previously suggested also....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by nickl413 View Post
    Comparing the ingredients, it seems like I wouldn't need the AI post cycle support if I went with Recycle. So that just leaves DAA, which was previously suggested also....
    Yes recycle is also an AI. A pct of serm/DAA/recycle would be fine. That was my last pct

  11. Joey take that source out before you get an infraction


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