Ultradrol+Trenazone -- hows it look?

  1. Ultradrol+Trenazone -- hows it look?

    Ultradrol and two vials of Trenazone just arrived today. Got all my support supps here already, and I just ordered 30mL 1g/mL LiquiDex yesterday. 60 10mg Nolva pills have been ordered as well and it said it has been shipped when I tracked my order number. I plan to run everything as follows:

    -Hawthrorn Extract 500mg twice/day
    -*** Liver Formula twice/day

    -Ultradrol 12/12/12/12
    -Trenazone 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5
    -CEL Cycle Assist
    -LiquiDex 0.5g EOD
    -Fish Oil
    -DHEA when needed
    -Taurine when needed

    -Nolva 30/20/20/10
    -CEL Cycle Assist
    -test booster

    Does that look alright? Should the LiquiDex be dosed differently since I have received conflicting advice? Should I also run the Liver Formula on cycle? I can't think of any other questions. Should I add anything to my cycle? Add anything to my PCT? Thanks in advance.

  2. looks solid..very interested in this stack

  3. Ended up starting UD at 8mg and jumping 4mg each week. I'm at 20mg right now and it's awesome. Trenazone started at 1.0 mL and jumped 0.5 mL each week. Also awesome. Supports have just been Cycle Assist, Fish Oil, and Multiviatmin. Ordered some Chlomid to add to PCT, which will still include the Nolva as well. Stength, muscle growth, and muscle hardness are all out of this world. I have people asking me for tips on what I've been doing since I got so big so quickly. "I started doing a lot of olympic lifts and paid attention to what I'm eating." hahahaha. Sides have only incuded a few pimples on my traps, a little facial hair where it didn't used to be (which is awesome since I still can't grow a sweet beard and I'm 23 haha), and random crazy boners. The weird thing is that I get these boners throughout the day for no reason, and it is 100% guaranteed if a chick even speaks to me there will be boners. When it came down to relieving one with the help of a chick, I just didn't feel like doing it even though my penis was crazy hard. It was a struggle to get anything to come out, but it was like a volcano when it did.

    Wow, I'm talking about my boners way too much. Bottom line -- settin' PRs, repping out previous 1RMs, gettin' big.

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