1st Cycle of Halo-plex! I Need some help with a few questions!

  1. 1st Cycle of Halo-plex! I Need some help with a few questions!

    The cycle: 6 weeks at 75/100/100/100/125/125

    Training: Layne Norton's PHAT, HIIT for cardio 2-3x a week.

    Nutrition: Calorie surplus with carb cycling.

    PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10, PCT Cycle Assist and UPS Labs Test Powder

    Supplements: Orange Triad, Omega complex, Cycle Assist, Core ABC, Creatine monohydrate, and Protein powder.

    1.5 weeks in and I've already seen some strength gains with about a 2 lb increase. I'm currently bulking, trying to get as much mass and strength gains as I can from this cycle which is what brings me to my question. I'm having a hard time researching anything that deals with a specific diet to follow while on cycle. I know it should be high protein and in a surplus but just how much of a surplus should it be? Normally I'm 300 calorie over maintenance without the PH to limit fat gains. How high above my tdee should I go and how much should I expect to gain? Right now I eat about 4,000 with my maintenance being 3700. F/C/P are 67/550/300. I'm only 155 lb but I'm very active and have a bodymedia fit so my tdee is pretty accurate. How much should I expect to gain? A nice check on my cycle, macros, and some thoughts on my questions would be awesome. Thanks for your help!

  2. Well I think most would say add 1000 cal on top of your maintenance.

    I did and I'm up 8 pounds in my third week with no far gain.

    Also as a suggestion I'd save the creatine for your PCT

    Good luck

  3. I'm sorry but is this your first ph cycle.

  4. and your gonna dose that high , IMO you should do 50/50/75/75/75 tops, for a first timer more isn't always better.

  5. yea dude dose is way high for someone ur size. I was around 130lbs when i was persuaded to do hdrol. 100mg was way over the top for me even now at around 160lbs. Once i go past 75 i start getting a little emotional and maybe even a little cranky lol hope this helps. When youre new to the game i find it best to stick with the dose labled on the bottle and go up from there. You have no idea how ur gonna react so no need to start that high. Play around with it...dont forget you have 42 days on to find ur sweet spot....plenty of time

  6. Yup totally agree

  7. lol 5"11 @145lbs.im guessin youre... 20yo tops

    dose 75 highest. and WHERE DAFUQ IS THE PCT?

    btw, why the hell are you hiit training ifyour goal is to gain as much mass as possible? youre just burning extra calories doing that, cut it out for the cycle

  8. a buck fortyfive tells us u need to eat,

  9. Bro your too small to be running

  10. Let's just hope that if he runs it anyways, he does everything by the book and as safe as possible. . . But even then ?

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  11. this kid needs to eat burgerdrol

  12. Ok that was just funny lol!!!!

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