Read up about PCT, still a little confused

  1. Read up about PCT, still a little confused

    Do i need to take hawthorn berrys aswell as a cycle assist? Or does it include HB? Can I just take the assist on its own 2 weeks before and throughout cycle?

    Then a test booster and nova after my cycle?


  2. It has HB in it, so no need to add.
    What are you running? It will determine what you need for PCT.
    Usually Nolva + DAA + AI (Erase) + others will cover most.

  3. Alright, so just a cycle assist throughout? Which one is best? I'm starting with a mild one first, pmag, cheers.

  4. Yes, preload cycle assist for a week or two, then take all the way through end of PCT. I think pmag is h-drol right? H-drol would be a good choice for first one.

  5. p-mag isn't quite h-drol but they're really similar. Pmag will probably be a bit better as a bulker, it may have a tiny bit more water retention, but overall it's really quite close to h-drol. Sides are gonna be close to the same, too. Nice and mild, typically.



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