Helladrol (first cycle) review plz

  1. Helladrol (first cycle) review plz

    Hey fellas,

    Plz review this cycle and tell me your thoughts. I've done a bit of research over the past few years and been reccommended hella for a good first cycle. Choose this over epi because I feel like I'll get better mass gains and lower sides on the helladrol.

    Want to run..

    ON CYCLE***

    Helladrol - 50/75/75/75/100/100
    n2guard - whole duration of ON cycle (wks 1-6)
    Fish oil, lots of water, food etc..


    Clomiphene Citrate (Liquid Clomi 70mL 35mg/mL) 50/50/50/25
    Forged Post cycle Support (37 servings, so 3 weeks of this adequate at 1 serving a day or spring for another bottle?)
    ^^ cant find how many doses a day to take

    Natty test booster (ab cuts testosterone support)

    Thanks in advance guys. If libido starts crashing on cycle I will order some HcGenerate and take it into PCT. Let me know how this looks, thanks in advance.
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