What do you think of this bulking stack?

  1. What do you think of this bulking stack?

    Hey guys - After much dileberation I believe this is what Im going with:

    Transdermally, 5weeks:

    500mg Nor-diol/day
    300mg 4AD/day
    200mg 5aa/day

    Im a little nervous about hair-loss, and Ive done 200mg/day 5aa before for 4weeks with no sides at all. This way, I can vary the amount of androgen in my system, and even drop it if it proves to be too much. (and still make good gains on the Nordiol and 4AD)

    Plus, the 5aa will serve as an anti-e, increasing strength and leaning out the gains.

    Ill probably be ordering the stuff tonight...


  2. Looks good!

    I don't think you'll have too much of an issue with 4AD/estrogens, since it doesn't aromatize unless converted.. The nordiol should give you nice pumps, and a lean appearance.. Then the 5AA will harden up the muscle, and make you veiny..

    Remember to post progress photos!

  3. Me personally, I need a TON of 4-AD to start seeing results (as in like 7-800mg/day ), so I say that you see how the 300mg/day of 4-AD goes, and dont be afraid to up it to around 5-600mg/day.

    Afterall, the 5-AA will keep ya nice n dry and bitch-tit free

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. Should be fun!

  5. Cool -
    When I went on megabolx/anabolx last year, I got itchy/puffy nips and a ton-o-water-weight, and that was on 750mg 4AD...Oral. Which is about 95mg of 4AD transdermal. It could have been from the nandralone, though. Im thinking of using Vitex during and after the cycle, Ive read that helps with progesterone-related sides.

    So I figured out the cost on everything, and If I go homebrew the whole way, it will cost about $105(w/o shipping) for all 3PH's in 3 separate 240ml bottles. (for a completely customizable cycle). Plus, Ill have a little extra chems, and there's nothing wrong with that

    A bottle of T1Pro and T4 would cost about $98, so I hope that Ill see similar results from this stack.

    My plan is to slowly up the cals over the next 2 weeks until I hit 4000+, then cycle for 5weeks and maintain high cals as well as 6-OXO/FUZU/Vitex for 4 weeks post-cycle. Im looking for 8-12lbs of lean mass, and 1.5-2" on my arms. (They're lacking)

    I can't wait!


  6. Arms are over-rated, brother.. The whole plan does look solid, dude!

  7. Yeah, I thought that for a while too! Seriously, though, I didnt even have an arm day for almost the whole 1st year I got serious about mass gain. And still, I put a solid 2" on them. Squats really do make your arms big



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