Help regarding if i should and what to take for next cycle.

  1. Help regarding if i should and what to take for next cycle.

    So let me give a little background info first.
    before i did anything about 1year ago I was 5'10 173 lbs.

    Did a superdrol clone for about 4 weeks last summer, was gained pretty good on it was 185lbs,

    then this past winter did a 6 week hdrol cycle 50 mg. Followed by pct with nolva.

    Pretty sure I got gyno after pct, nolva was bunk i think. Still never had pain, sensitivity or itchiness, but i still believe it was gyno. Did about 50 days of letro followed by nolva and per erase to get rid of it. Got it down to about pea size sticks out a little but it's not bad. Maybe surgery in the future. So i finished the letro and everything around mid june.

    So I play college baseball and want to do a quick cycle of something before going back to school. I wanted to start it in beginning of august.

    but i have a few questions

    1. Is it enough time off to be able to go on another cycle.
    2. Will my gyno get worse.
    3. Do you recommend any quick cycles thats not too harsh on the body and might help me with baseball/pitching.

    I really liked the superdrol clone. Had good gains and no side effects.
    It was called thunderbol by vahalla labs.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    thanks guys

  2. just a quick bump.
    ps getting blood work results taro to see where I'm at

  3. If your last cycle was last winter then yes, thats plenty of time off. Depending on what you run, your gyno may get worse, especially if you run superdrol (the compound that you got gyno from in the first place) again. Generally ph/ds that are effective for a shorter cycle are going to be more harsh on your body.

    Since you're a pitcher, you may want to stay away from the more dry compounds due to possible joint issues. If you're smart about support supplements though you can probably get around those.

    I can help you more if you can be more specific about your goals, other than (I'm assuming) throwing harder. Size, strength, weight gain, leaning up?

    Also be careful if you play at an NCAA school, I'm almost certain they all drug test, and these things will show up on a steroid test. If you're at an NAIA or JUCO though you should be good to go.

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