Three or four weeks of Prop to end 13/14 week cycle

  1. Three or four weeks of Prop to end 13/14 week cycle

    Cycle currently looks like this (already have AI/pct/hcg set up, not askin bout that)

    Wk 1-4 100mg eod Prop
    Wk 1-10 250mg twice a week of Cyp
    Wk 11-14 100mg eod Prop

    But I was thinking, with the cycle already being 14 weeks, not that that's long, but its not short, would it be better to end with:

    Wk11-13 150 mg eod Prop

    Instead of the 100mg eod of Prop for 4 weeks. Just thought that even though its a week less, might be more beneficial to up the dosage at the end of the cycle.

    Advice? Which one would bring better overall gains?

  2. Ur dropping from 500mg to 350mg ur last 4 weeks. I would bump and run it 150-200 ur last 4 weeks.

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