Mechabol / Ultradrol / Super DMZ Rx 2.0

  1. Mechabol / Ultradrol / Super DMZ Rx 2.0

    I have been running Mechabol at 75 and Ultradrol at 12 for 1month im up 9lbs no sides really and feeling pretty good. My question is should i continue with the 6week cycle i had planned or end the mecha/ultra and start 4weeks of Super DMZ RX 2.0,, i dont want to fck myself up would like to know what u all think is this a good or bad idea? thanks

  2. Bump help me out here guys

  3. 8 weeker eh.

    4 weeks of mechabol isn't enough time really. but the msten even though dosed low, im sure helped.

    just do it and tell us how it works out for you.
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  4. I won't stack the two, but no need to add dmz. UD should kick in pretty quick and mecha from what I know kicks in about 3 weeks. Run them for 6 weeks. Keep us posted bud
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  5. That would be a breakdown of:

    Doesn't look so bad, the methylsten should illicit good gains but I would say run one or the other for longer.


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