How long to wait between Ergo 1-AD Cycles???

  1. How long to wait between Ergo 1-AD Cycles???

    Finished a mild cycle of the old diol version of 1-AD about 5 weeks ago. Still taking 6-OXO at the moment as my libido is slowly coming back. Had nice lean results, and currently have had no noticeable loss in size or strength.

    I ran the 1-AD for 6 weeks, and wish I had taken at least 100 mg's more a day... I'm starting a work schedule in mid September that is going to limit my workout intensity and want to try and run a 5 week cycle prior to starting my new ****ty work schedule that will last til the end of October. Would it be stupid to run another so soon???

    Thanks for any advice!


  2. Gains and nice old
    Time stack lol

  3. And normally time on plus pct equals time off

  4. Thanks for the reply. Of course I knew that it would be pushing it to run another cycle after only 6 weeks of ending my last, but really don't know what the risk or sides would be on something like 1-AD since it's really weaker than a lot of the newer PH's. I imagine libido and acne would be 2 of them, but really wondered if it would shut my natural testosterone production down harder if I were to wait, and how much more so than normal.

  5. You should be fine if you take 6 weeks off between cycles. It's definitely not ideal, but 1-AD is a non-methyl and pretty mild . Back in the day I ran two 4 week cycles of 1-AD/4-AD with only 4 weeks off in between and it was all good. Just don't make a habit of running cycles so close together.



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