Beginner's Luck...Semorelin and Peptides...Which Peptides?

  1. Question Beginner's Luck...Semorelin and Peptides...Which Peptides?

    Hello All,

    New member and first thread. I was recently prescribed Semorelin to help with healing an injury sustained in Afghanistan; the prescription was also to help increased malaise and sleep problems. Additionally, I had prescribed Test pellets inserted because my 4 hr. communting distance to the nearest clinic will not allow for weekly Test injections. I have gained about 30 lbs (mostly gut) due to inability to exercise and am just now able to get back into cardio without aggravating the injury. I am considering lifting again in the next few weeks. My goal is to cut the additional pounds while gaining a little more muscle mass. Due to my age (42), I'm not looking to get huge...just presentable again. So, enough background, here are my questions: (1) What peptides would help me achieve my goal while not negatively affecting the very expensive prescribed Semorelin I'm injecting daily (20 units/50-unit insulin syringe)? (2) What would be the optimal time/dosage for that Peptide(s) considering work requirements only allow for hour-long workouts around 5 AM and 4-5 PM daily? Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

  2. Look into TB-500 to aid with injury recovery.Also look into stacking GHRP-2 with your sermorelin preferably right post-workout (on an empty stomach, should be at least 2 hours after last ingestion of food and also the same dosage, or combo pre-bed.

    So that's TB-500 at 2.5mg~6mg (the more the better) a week and GHRP-2/Sermorelin x2 a day (100mcg/100mcg ratio is usually the standard).

    Testosterone should help you sleep better if you can get more of that (100~150mg per week is enough) and maybe you could get some deca-durabolin and dose it at 200~300mg to help even more with recovery+anabolic effect.

    Another peptide would be IGF-LR3 but without knowing exactly what type if injury and the location of it I don't know if you should be taking it or not, most people say the effect of IGF-LR3 on injury is targetted although TB-500 is more systematic.Also IGF-LR3 would actually counteract with your sermorelin/ghrp-2 so instead I would maybe go along with MGF or PEG-MGF.Although IGF-DES would serve a good purpose in your case.

    Dosing MGF right after workout followed by ghrp-2/sermorelin 15minutes after injecting MGF.MGF is more targetted so inject it on the injury site OR straight into a vein to help it spread out and bind quicker (only stays in your system for roughly 8minutes).MGF I would dose 250mcg at 50mcg micro-injections on the muscles you've just worked out or injury site.OR 250mcg~500mcg intravenously.

    .If you're planning to get PEG-MGF I would dose that 24hours after a weight lifting session on a rest day (can have cardio that day just no lifting if you want the full effects).Dose that at 500mcg~1mg on those rest days subq or IV or IM doesnt matter it has a very long half life.

    Might've forgotten something there but I really hope the info I put is all correct.Someone else can chime in.

  3. Thanks for the verified some personal research on the TB-500 and GHRP-2. The injury is in the lower back so I don't think I'll be targeting that area with injections. The Doc gave me a 5mg bottle of Sermorelin to mix with 6ccs of water. I'm injecting 20 units in a 50-unit pin; Is that enough to facilitate the growth factor? Also, can the TB-500, GHRP-2, and Sermorelin be used in the same pin?

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