1. Epi+???

    I am needing some input on my next cycle. The two I have in mind are




    This will be my second cycle, my first being epistane solo. Anyone tried either of these two?

  2. Anyone?

  3. Not to be an ******* but both look pretty ****ty to me. Epi for 4 weeks is pretty much useless bc u wont really see any gains until week 3. Im assuming your referring to trenavar, in which case u would need to up the dose by a lot. Same with the epi as well. I would do anywhere from 40-60mg. 60 was my sweet spot. As for both cycles, extend them to 6-8 weeks. Most people dont like being on orals for that long, but i find it to be good. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Why not stack epi with stano. It's non methylated and I'm thinking it would be close to protomax in effect.
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  5. Help with the doses for epi+stano

  6. Epi: 40/40/40/40/40
    Stano: 600/800/800/800/800

    You can kick up Stano to 1g if you aren't feeling it, I'm gonna be running it at 600 all the way through for six weeks. I'm 30lbs lighter than you, though.

  7. Okay I'll look into that for my next cycle thanks for the reply


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