cjc & ghrp-6

  1. cjc & ghrp-6

    Hello, im about to run a cycle with CJC and ghrp-6
    Any advice?
    I have enough for 4 weeks but, people say i need alot more. Some says it takes 2-3 months before it kicks in and some says that it works in just 1-2 days
    And that i have to take it 30min before workout and right before i hit the bed.

    So im wondering if some1 could help me with this ?
    How much dosage should i take?
    How long must the cycle be?
    When does it kick in?

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  2. I just started ghrp 6 on sunday...the saturation dose is 100 mcg so I'm doing 100mcgx3 ed I pin when I wake up post workout n before bed...I haven't felt anything except slight hunger increase but I'm always hungry

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