Halo Extreme question

  1. Halo Extreme question

    Hi, new to the forum... been liftin on and off about 12 years, at 185 lbs currently... bench around 285, squat weak (about 235) just started doing squats since I've had ankle issues the past two years, deadlift 350 ish... guess, not enough free weights at the house to max... Got a question about Halo Extreme, thinking about running it, first cycle ever, new to the PH's, was wondering if I run the stack as IML has it can I also supplement the last 4 weeks of PCT with P6 from Cellucore? It's a relatively new OTC test booster and I've heard ok reviews on it, would that cut out the need for clomid or nolva?? My understanding is those are intended to jump-start ur junk, but also Halo's not common for shutdown, that being the case I figured a decent test booster in the end would work enough magic, what's the consensus on that?

  2. FYI I'm 27

  3. Depends on your dosage and length. Common and best dosage is 75mg anything above that might have worse sides vs the gains you actually make. Get a serm. At least for the estrogen rebound. I have gotten gyno from halo, after pct. Sucked. Don't risk making tatas.

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  4. 6 week cycle, how long do I risk gyno after cycle and 4 week pct? also should I run serm during cycle as well or just during PCT is enough? The p6 also has estrogen blockers and dht blockers
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  5. also would letrozole be my best option with Halo? Or do I need an actual serm like clomid or nolva? since there's no shutdown, there wont be any need to stimulate the HPTA cycle, and which one's better for this specific case? letrozole or Tamoxifen? Thanks!
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  6. Ok, since I have two+ weeks to put my "kit" together I'ma get all the stupid questions out of the way.... So this is for anyone who's ran Halo before, feel free to chime in. I see that clomid is the serm of choice, is that enough to cut the aromatization and avoid the flat banana and melons scenario? or should i throw in the Tamoxifen or letro? Also, taking HGH Up throughout whole 6 week cycle and pct. Next, for the pct... was thinking of doing the Osta with ptc, here's my mixup.... also definitely want to throw in the P6 from cellucore, just feels right... so would the osta plus the p6 be too much? p6 for the unfamiliar ones is a test booster by cellucore OTC, this of course in conjunction with the stack from IML as pct.... and I wanted to get some of that new USP labs DAA powder they have on body building site.... any thoughts on if that's too much free testosterone crap for post cycle or is that ok? thinking of running the post cycle 6 weeks as well.... I know that's a ton of crap, so any feedback from someone who's fammiliar with all or most of it would be greatly appreciated... the main question for post cycle therapy: Is Osta AND a t booster like P6 too much? with DAA? Am I going to get an estrogen backlash from all of this stuff after my 3-month cycle? Willing to post the review as I go along since I'm pretty psyched about this, should be interesting. All feedback greatly appreciated

  7. You're really over thinking this. For PCT get nolva or clomid or torem if it tickles you in the right spot. Then grab some DAA and erase boom bop pow you're done.


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