TBOL? Anti Est or PCT Needed!?!?

  1. TBOL? Anti Est or PCT Needed!?!?

    Bout to start a 8 week cycle
    40-60mg a day
    I'm 230

    Not leaving much stats cause the real question is about anti est or pct in regards to recovery?

  2. Keep an anti est on hand and yes a mild pct will be fine like 50/50/50/50 Clomid would be fine just keep an AI on hand it never hurts
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  3. 50/50/50/50 right after the cycle ? 4 weeks?

  4. You don't even need a anti-estrogen.. Because t-Bol has like zero androgenic properties.. You will be fine with an OTC pct product and test booster.. I would recommend taking Liv. 52 and omegas will on cycle because OT is a 17 and is toxic on the liver

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