The strengthening of Pride (recomp/lean cycle)

  1. The strengthening of Pride (recomp/lean cycle)

    Hi AM members

    Me :
    height 178 cm
    age 23
    weight 74
    BF 11 % (pic will be added when cycle starts )
    i would like bf to get below 10, not much but just a little.

    I'am planing on eating just around maintenance maybe +200/400 cal. depending on what i will use this cycle

    I'm hooked at trying this Mechabol after reading a ton of logs
    i have Mecha in the cabin with a bunch of other stuff

    right now i have:
    Stano200 (LGI)
    11-KT spray (Prototype)
    Epi-v (finaflex)

    I'm thinking of running Mechabol @ 75 mg ed for 30 days (1 bottle)
    stacked with Stano200 @ 600 mg ed for 30 days
    but some report a little water retention from Mecha, so i could ad 2 Epi-V or 11-KT

    would be nice to add some lean mass while dropping a 1 or 2 % BF

    PCT will be Nolva I'm thinking 20/20/10/10
    maybe with some Formeron + TCF-1 and Anabeta / Ur spray or maybe both

    what do you guys think
    please all input / info

    I'm training for mass little bit of Smolov Jr. at the moment with cardio eod.
    and clean eating !

  2. oh, if i go with Mechabol i will be using 2 caps of Aegis with each mecha
    and me standard routine at night: casein with 1 serving AI cycle support and 1 serving Toco-8
    been using this for 3 months and like it very much

  3. So i choosen to continue me cut and only add 40 sprays of 11-kt (prototype nutrition) and 3 caps of Licogenix for as long as the 11-kt spray last

    followed by pct of UR-spray and more licogenix and some sort of DAA but i might change that when the time comes :P

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    i said a pic would come when i started :P

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