This will be my 4 cycle
I will be running;
Sd @ 20 mg/ day 1-3
Test prop at 125mg eod 1-6
Hcg 1-6
Adex .5 mg eod (gyno prone)
Prami and letro on hand.
Torem @ 60 mg/ day 6-10
Clomid @ 50 mg/day 6-8 then 25 9-10
I have all my liver support stuff too.
I want to put on a little mass that I have lost after dieting but lower or at least keep my bf% in the same place. I don't get any sides from sd @ 20 mg: day. Do y'all think I could put on 20 pounds on this cycle with no bf% increase. I know how to train and know how to eat. Any suggestions are appreciated.
p.s. y'all are awesome cuz y'all don't bash on ppl unless they are stupid( unlike other sites)