I'm beginnging to plan my first cycle and I need some help to get the most out of it, a little about myself I Ballooned to 287, so about a year and a half ago I decided to get my life back and now Im at 220 23% Bodyfat. Ive always weight trained but these past 8 months Ive hit the weights hard and plateaued, and also losing soo much weight I have "Mitties" lol AKA man Boobs even with the muscle Ive gained :-( I'm wanting to drop more body fat so my abs show but also put on more muscle Mass to fill out the Man Boobs

So Im thinking of taking a Black Dragon Nutrition Mythylstane. I heard great reviews about Epistane reducing Gyno, being less stressful on Kidneys and not having soo much side effects, but never heard of "Black Dragon Nutrition", and was wondering if there even a good company? There there the only one I can find right now or I would have taken E-Stane.

The Following are my Stats
Age: 25 Weight 220 lb Height 5 11" Body Fat 23%

Blood Pressure Good, I got checked for Thyroid and Diabetes, Im perfectly Healthy, except I take Aderral for my ADHD, would I have to stop, my Aderral usage on my Cycle?

Im planning on possibly buying two bottles of Black Dragon Nutrition Mythylstane to do a"little" stronger cycle because Im a bigger guy: 6 week cycle as follows 30/30/40/40/50/50

Also with my cycle: Im going to take a PCT but dont know yet which one is best, Himalaya Liver Care, and would Clomid be recommended, I heard people using Clomid with the Similar PH Havoc but I thought the compound Epistane reduced Gyno?

Normal Supps: Creatine/ BCAA/ Glutamine/ Protein

Any advice or recommendation, and is my cycle too long and strong even though Im a bigger guy?