1st cycle - need some help

  1. Question 1st cycle - need some help

    Ok I'm 28 and I just started my first cycle last week and this is my stack:
    Deca 100
    Bold 200
    Dianabol 10mg tablets
    I also have tamoxifen citrate for the last few weeks
    My cycle is a 10 week cycle an my dosage is
    Monday - 1cc deca and 1cc bold
    Thursday - 1 cc deca
    Monday through Friday take 20 mg of dianabol a day
    Is this right? When should I start taking the tamoxifen?

  2. You need to double your doses run the cycle 16 weeks and get testosterone
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. Ok thanks for the reply man. If I didn't double the dosage would I still see any gains?

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