Starting a 10 week Test E and Winny cycle

  1. Starting a 10 week Test E and Winny cycle

    I'm getting ready to start a 8 to 10 week cycle of Test E and Winny stack.

    Test E is 250 mgs per Ml and Winny is 50 mg pills

    I'm rather new to the idea of use, but wanna tone up. Any suggestions on amounts of each and a recommended PCT I can get before I start the cycle?

    Any help from people with more knowledge than myself would be a huge help!

  2. If this is your first cycle, Test 500 mg's a week split into two pins, monday morning/thursday evening. Run the winny the last 4 weeks at 50mgs ED.(Don't really need to run an oral for a first cycle though unless you really want to)

    Pct you could probably get away with just nolva at 80mg first day then 40mg everyday the rest of that week, followed by another week at 40mg ED, then the next two weeks at 20mg ED. Some people are going to say throw some Clomid in there too, up to you.

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