I am new to anabolics..I have contemplated for over ten years in regards to doing them or not. For the first time in my life I have set aside a three month training plan I will be working on in the woods. I am a muay Thai fighter with a natural build of 6'2 230lbs. I haven't trained properly in close to a year due to a work schedule, however I have capitalized on such times for something I call "shock value".. I plan systematic training times along with programs and diet to boost overall results, my body responds well to this. I want to use a minor beginner cycle and the options I am leaning towards are anavar by itself at 70mg pending on results. I was looking into tbol aswell, I've researched it enough to know that I don't know enough at all about doing this properly but my body is very responsive to the training I do naturally and considering I am naturally an aggressive and dangerous person in general I think that a minor anabolic like anavar would be a good stepping stone into the anabolic world in regards to emotional and physical responses to the drug. So my questions are, do I waste time and money on anavar? What about tbol? Is there any other stronger oral anabolics which provide a better gain ratio? And if the anavar is that of a good choice based on my scenario, then what pct should I be using and at what dose? I was thinking a 6-8 weeks cycle. Note I would like to grow, but properly. The training I will be doing in the woods will consist of pad work, shadow boxing, running, climbing, free weights and kettle bells, and lots of core.
Please be courteous to my questions, I came here for my answers.

Thx in advance