Superdrol(or Trenazone)/Havoc cycle

  1. Superdrol(or Trenazone)/Havoc cycle

    I'm thinking about either doing a Superdrol+Havoc cycle or a Trenazone+Havoc cycle, i want to gain some weight but try to stay roughly around the same bodyfat percentage that i am right now, i have done both Superdrol, and Havoc before. The superdrol cycle held tons of gains, skyrocketing my strength and size through the roof, gaining about 15 pounds (as it should) The havoc cycle held no weight gain but gave me tons of cuts.
    Now I recently heard of a new prohormone called trenazone, i know a bit about tren and its affects, and plan to research even more on the subject, but i would like to hear some opinions on whether i should use the Trenazone+Havoc stack or Stack Superdrol and Havoc. Some experienced input would help a lot! thanks!

  2. While SD and epi are my very favorite ph's (along w 1-AD),
    You should only be stacking non-methyls and tons of support supps alongside SD. Get ahold of some testosterone and kickstart with SD take 4 weeks off eating min 500 mg a day of milk thistle, then run the epi 2 weeks before your last pin and while the test clears. Run a low-dose clomid pct with DAA, and maybe some hcgenerate or erase. Bam! 15 pounds lbm and -3% bf drop if you do it right

  3. i've been running milk thistle for 2 weeks already, im getting ready to start this cycle as soon as i get my next paycheck, i was thinking of maybe starting the havoc a week earlier and then adding in the trenazone so that it is a 5 or 6 week cycle (and maybe superdrol in the beginning or the end to kickstart gains, or end strong) im wondering if this is a decent plan or that maybe i should take out the superdrol or trenazone completely, some opinions on that plan?

  4. Stack the trenazone with epi since it's non-methylated. If you eat enough, you could put on a decent amount of lean muscle. Don't know doses for trenazone but epi 40mg a day for 6 weeks should be perfect. Ive had bloods done on 50 mg on week 4, liver enzymes were just barely elevated. Pct is in order, I assume?

  5. okay thanks for the help, ill be going for a blood test after the cycle, & ill have clomid and letro on hand for pct as well as erase and nolva just incase



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