What to run???

  1. What to run???

    Hey guys, trying to figure out what to run

    cycle history:

    Hdrol solo (50/50/75/75/100)

    Epistane solo (25/25/50/50)- I think don't remember

    Hdrol/Trenazone (50/75/75/100/100/125) (1ml/1ml/1.5ml/2ml)
    ^by far best cycle I've ever done. Gained 20 pounds and was still vascular and maintained all gains during pct

    Anyway I am a big fan of Hdrol, but I had read that you get use to it and should mix up what ph you use.

    I have test e coming in someday day but won't be running it for awhile

    plan is to get as lean as possible before test comes in. Currently running EC stack and am -15lb in 4 1/2weeks

    Any advice?


    age: 26
    Weight: 215
    lifting since 18

    Edit: would like to add that with hdrol I never felt any sides, even when running at 125. But with epi I felt sides on the 3rd week, nips were sensitive and back pumps were crazy

  2. If u like hdrol and it works for u stick with it. I'm currently running test e and oral tren as a kick start and personally I love it. Remember that ur taking a huge step from pro hormones to actual steroids. If ur running test 500mg per week seems to be the most common dosing but run hdrol til it doesn't work anymore. The 4 week pct helps ur body not get use to hormones u put in ur body so u shouldn't adapt too easily. But yes eventually u should switch it up

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