Pros/Cons of pulsing superdrol

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  1. 2 steps forward ...1 step back.....fluid/glycogen retention first week essentially will give you 3-4 lbs...then continue intelligent training and I'm guessing next 2 weeks will deliver some muscle growth....say 3-4lbs more ....referring to SD here....and with proper PCT you should be able to retain 3-4 of the 8 u gained. Again just my opinion. But nuts stay large and libido remains unchanged ...actually goes up. Now I run a test booster prior to, throughout and long after the whole cycle.

  2. But there's a safer route if you're interested.

  3. I think I would only pulse SD from what I've been reading...oh but one thing that seems to really help with the sides is a test base. So something like bulk up, dermacrine or M1D black would suffice to help with sides. Just start running it at least a week prior to SD cycle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen View Post
    But there's a safer route if you're interested.
    Definitely am. I would like something with least sides possible. Especially long term thinking here - I don't want good body now but be ****ed as I reach 40

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  6. See the link in my Sig.

  7. What about D-bol as a safer alternative?


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