Sup Bros,

Need some help find tuning a cycle, i've been "out of the game" for a few years and wanted to get back on a "light" oral cycle. I'm looking to stay away from injectables for now. Heard of Epistane, have done some research but still need some help. I also have some Anavar and would like to stack them together. So far i have Epistane, Anavar, Cycle Support, Erase and will be getting some Nolvadex or clomid in the next couple of days. Any recommendations on a Natty Test Booster? (specific names?)

30 Years old 5 8" 170lbs 10-11%BF been training for years, have been training at a Crossfit facility for the past year, looking to pack on 5-10lbs of lean gains and increased strengh.

This is what i have in mind, please share your thoughts:

Anavar 40mg/ day WEEKS 1-8
IBE-epi 20/30/40/40 WEEKS 4-8
A.I cycle support
fish oils
joint support
Gluco +Cissus


Nolva (or clomid)- 20/20/10/10
Continue vitamins, fish oils, etc...
Erase (the "original")
Natty Test Booster????????

Any suggestions on a Natty Test booster (specific names please)....also, anything that you would add that could help against Epistane affectting the hairline?? (don't want propecia/proscar, maybe a natural herb or something? (this is probably wishful thinking?)

Thanks in advance....