1. Chlorovar?

    Anyone know anything about it?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Lacrossedude6 View Post
    Anyone know anything about it?
    I really dont know exactly what it is, but i certanly saw that before... now, guesstimating and by judging the name, id say its something very similar to halodrol... intended to be like anavar (just like halodrol)... so it is certanly a methylated compound, prolly less toxic and anabolic... i could be wrong,

    haha never mind... i found it, its structure is the same as halodrol! LOL sorry... there you have it

  3. Yea it has halodrol and ostran E in it. I believe it's a winstrol and turinabol DS, anyone ever use it before? Or have any idea about what type of gains this type of compound would produce?? Anyone?

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