so, i've been running deca/test/eq for just over 7 weeks now, deca will be done shortly. test/eq (using an equitest blend) is a lot of fun, and i kickstarted the cycle with SD at 30/day. now, trainer i had for my contest was telling me that i'd extend my 12w cycle to approx 20-22 weeks, which im okay with using test/eq. but, he said i should throw in anadrol, and i'm a little apprehensive using anadrol, i get in my mind i'll just be a water ballon and that's it and just burst with sides. i don't really have acne, super oily skin from this cycle as is. i have natural gyno since 12, but it never flares during cycle.

can someone lay out the pros/cons of both anadrol and superdrol for me? last year i did a heavy dirty bulk, and i dont want to do that again, i felt gross, slow, lethargic and just not the way i like things. im going to be doing it much leaner this time around so that's why i'm asking about the two. i'm currently following 350p/180f/130c for ~3500 cals/day, during this recomp/cut period. during the bulk i was planning something like 400p/100f/500c more or less. i'm currently 215 @ 7% bf (last bulk i was 215 @ 14%) just broke 1500 big-3 total.

so... thoughts?