1 test cyp and 4ad cyp

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    1 test cyp and 4ad cyp

    I have a chance to get 1test cyp and 4ad cyp from VPX for 40 bucks each. Just wanted to know if they are worth getting since I have never tried pinning or any of the other "Pain free orals". If anyone has tried them let me know how were your results with them, whether you think they are worth getting at that price, and what dose did you use. Thanks.

  2. maybe you should post this in the prohormone section...

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    Didn't even realize....sorry. I must of put it in the supp section cause its by VPX. Could a MOD move this for me so I dont waste space with another thread. Thanks.

  4. put in the prohormone section please

  5. VPX - Overpriced and Underdosed.
    If you were to use 600mg a week 1-test and VPX is 50mg a ml then you would have to pin 12cc a week.

    $40 - 20ml(50mg per ml) - It is not even enough for 2 weeks.
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    What about there 4test (4ad cyp)? It is 200mgs per ml. What is the normal dosing for this? What else would recommend? I believe sledge is all out. My first serious time considering "Pain free orals". Just wanna do it right. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good thread at least? Thanks.

  7. dont mess with vpx ive heard of some horror storries from guys injecting unsterile products.

    the usual is around 600mg of 1 test
    and 1600-2100mg of 4ad cyp

    pm me and ill hook up up if interested.

  8. does "cyp" refer to injectibles?

  9. cyp refers to the cypionate ester attached which extends the half life of the steriod to about 2 weeks

  10. Do brands like Legal Gear sell 1-test or 4ad Cyp ? or is that one of them homemade one's or something?

  11. no cyp from LG that i've seen. it's better IMHO to homebrew, costwise.

  12. I have done a bottle of the vpx 4-test cyp and its not exactly pain free, no injectable is. But it is sterile the best that I can tell. It isn't that painful though. VPX 4 ohdeca on the other hand hurts like a son-of-bitch. I could hardly walk for 5 days. IMO the 4-test is worth 40 bucks. 500 mg a week is a months worth and it is already mixed up and ready to go. Thier 1-test is under dosed though 50mg/ml. Not near enough.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    no cyp from LG that i've seen. it's better IMHO to homebrew, costwise.
    i agree-once you have your homebrewing supplies it is much cheaper to buy 4ad cyp powder and 1-test cyp powder,etc and it is really easy to do


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